Here’s Why I Recommend Makeovers to My Clients!

There is little doubt that making changes to how a person looks can have a positive impact on their lives in so many ways. A change of hairstyle or a new style of clothing is certain to make other people notice and compliment the person, making them feel good about the changes they have made.

Knowing that others like the new style is reaffirming but what really determines the success of those changes is how the person feels about them. After all, they are the ones who have to look in the mirror and be happy with what they see. Without a doubt how a person looks impacts how they feel about themselves.

There are many reasons to undertake a makeover and while typically the word makeover brings physical or aesthetic changes to mind a person can decide to give themselves a mental or emotional makeover also. One of the good things about undergoing a makeover is that most changes can be done at little to no cost.

For people who find themselves feeling jaded about how they look or feel a makeover could be just what they need.

Dressing for Success


One of the best things a job seeker can do when considering applying for job is consider how their appearance may impact their chances of being successful. Having a personal style for when you are socializing is fine but when applying for jobs that require a professional, corporate ‘look’ it is important to dress appropriately. Appearing professional is as much about confidence and the right attitude as it is about the clothes you wear. While corporate jobs will require a certain standard of dress private companies may prefer their employees to wear more casual business attire.

Looking Younger


A professional makeover specialist can provide a person with advice regarding the right colors to wear, the styles that most flatter their shape, how to style their hair to suit their face shape and the best makeup styles to highlight their best facial features. When all of these factors are taken into consideration and the changes are made a person can not only look younger but feel younger and more confident, knowing they look their best.

Styles That Suit

Consulting a reputable makeover professional will insure a person is getting the right advice regarding hair, makeup and clothing choices. While it can be fun to change hairstyle if the style doesn’t suit the person it is going to have the opposite result to what they were hoping to achieve. Hairstyles take time to grow out so it is important to allow the makeover professional to advise what hairstyles not only will suit the person’s face shape but also their lifestyle i.e. easy care for busy people who don’t have time to be styling their hair often.

Personal Style


Most people have a personal style whether they realize it or not. Even the person who loves to live in jeans and t-shirts has a style. Finding out what their personal style is can be difficult if a person likes several different styles. A makeover will not only help a person recognize their personal style but provide advice as to how they can improve upon it and make the most of their ‘look’.

Often personal style has nothing to do with trends and yet people feel that in order to be trendy they have to wear the latest styles and designs of clothing. Unfortunately trending styles often do not suit everyone so it is important to know whether it is better to avoid the latest fashion fad and stick with clothing that you know looks good on you. This doesn’t mean that a person shouldn’t try a new trending style because it may just work out to be something that does enhance their appearance.

Body Types

Clothing styles are often designed with a particular body shape in mind and while those clothes may look fantastic on the stick-thin mannequin in the department store window display they may not look so good on a person with a different body shape. Choosing clothes that are flattering, highlight the best points and withdraw attention from those body parts that are less attractive will ensure a person feels better about themselves. Clothes need to be both attractive and comfortable in order for a person to feel both.

Makeover after a Major Life Change


Whether it is a divorce or other relationship breakup, pregnancy, a career change or any other significant life-changing moment a makeover can provide a person with the confidence they have been seeking to start this new period in their life. Graduating from university and beginning their career can call for a makeover so the university lifestyle can be left behind and the entry into the adult world can be made looking their best.

Personality Changes

As people age, their attitude to many things in life changes too. Clothing styles that may have made them feel good back in their twenties are now looked on with fond memories but wouldn’t look good on them now they are in their forties. On the flipside a young person may have not felt the confidence to wear figure-hugging clothing but now they are older and more assured they like clothing that shows off their shape.

Show Your Feelings

Mental and emotional changes are just as important to how a person feels about themselves as the way the look. One of the things older people often enjoy is the ability to feel confident about themselves and not be afraid of what others might think of them. Their clothing and style will reflect their confidence.

Security and Confidence

Nothing is more beautiful in a woman than confidence. When a person undergoes a makeover it can make them feel much more secure and confident about themselves. This confidence may come in the form of feeling sexier or it may be a feeling that a person is more capable. When a person is able to accept that they are a beautiful human being and that they have a place in the world their confidence and contentment with themselves shows.

While undergoing a makeover is often about starting something new it is also about getting rid of the old. If there are negative connotations to how a person looked a makeover can help that person shrug off the negativity of the past and leave them open to embracing the new, exciting future ahead of them.